Only the tools that matter to you

The Subscribility community has requested, prioritised, designed, and reviewed each feature ever built.

Key features

  • Club subscriptions

    Never miss a shipment. Automate recurring orders and customer interactions based on your brand and values.

  • Order management

    Know what’s been ordered, track fulfillment and manage your winery’s stock efficiently.

  • POS Integration

    Streamline transactions from the cellar-door to online orders with Subscribility’s POS app.

  • Website sales

    Fully integrate with your website to manage sales and grow your club.

  • Newsletter integration

    Communicate and engage with members of your wine club using integrated direct marketing software.

  • Customisable reporting

    Monitor habits and preferences in order to better target customers.

  • Improve your

    The business of making wines and brews now has a steady and configurable cashflow.

  • Have more wine time

    Freed from administrative & repetitive tasks, enjoy a glass of wine with your friends or family.

Simple pricing model : 30$/month, 1% of sales


Support and implementation service: Optionally, for a fixed fee of $200/month you may use our Support and Implementation service and let us help you. Together, we will find a solutions to each of your digital and direct sales questions. Learn more

Website, eCommerce: Use our designers and web integrators to produce a complete website with optional eCommerce. Our proven and established process takes between 3 and 5 weeks from project start to a site fully integrated with Subscribility.

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