Frequently Asked Questions

All the little things making a difference

How are members involved in the club run process?
You are free to run the club as it suits your brand. You have complete control over each and every interaction with your customers. For instance, phone, email and SMS notifications can be sent prior to preparing your packs, prior to and after payments are being captured (and when declined), when a case is dispatched and a week later to ask for feedback.

Each notification can be tailored to include pack content, address and payment details, and the possibility for each member to change any of this. Generated invoice can also be attached.

Email Direct Marketing (EDM) vs direct emails, how are emails sent out with Mailchimp?
Subscribility is integrated with Mailchimp and Campaign monitor (feel free to request other integrations).

When integrating with an EDM software, Subscribility will automatically sync your contacts and add additional details such as customer preferences, club, date and value of last purchase. This allows you to better target your marketing campaigns.

Please be aware that emails are way more successful when sent out directly to individuals, coming from you. Because of this, Subscribility can generate email interactions using your email address.

What features are planned in the coming months?
You can request any new functionality directly inside the platform. Other customers have to vote for your idea in order for the development process to kick off. Subscribility is updated every two weeks. Other features will be developed by Subscribility to help you sell more wine by turning your export/shipping nightmare into a single-click dream-like operation.
Once I'm ready to jump in, what is the implementation process like?
We have defined a well established process in order to help you boarding our platorm. First, you can use Subscribility right away and explore the platform: customers, products and orders management tools. In order to ease the initial setup, we have prepared a question set that allows you to gather all the needed information in one step. Then you will be contacted so that we can assist you with the remaining configurations, add-ons selection, activation and eventualy a data import.

This is a 1-3 week(s) process once you provide the necessary information.

How much does Subscribility cost ?
True to its focus on community, Subscribility charges a minimal monthly cost ($40) to access all the tools available in the platform as well as 1% of all sales transactions processed. Once sufficient volume has been established in a country (or state), we negotiate bulk discounts with banks and shipping carriers (the savings are split half and half between you and Subscribility). 1% is charged on top of your payment gateway fees.

To generate further savings, you may want to consider using our shared gateway charging 30c + 0.9% for all Visa/Mastercard transactions, and 30c + 1.7% for Amex/JCB. Funds settle twice weekly, directly in your account.

How are shipping carriers integrated and which are supported currently?
There are three levels of integration with shipping carriers.
  • First carrier-compliant shipping labels are generated automatically for you.
  • Then a shipping manifest is be generated and when possible submitted automatically.
  • Finally shipping costs are calculated directly at/with the carrier.
When any of these steps cannot be automated, a workaround is provided so that no manual data handling is required.

Carriers currently supported are

  • Australia Post
  • FastWay
  • UPS
  • FedEx
You can request for any other carrier to be integrated, and until then, a data file (csv) is generated so that you never have to handle shipments individually.
Does Subscribility work with WordPress?
Subscribility lets you sell your wine on your website with Wordpress using the WP Subs plugin. Some features include:
  • Manage all your products directly from Subscribility. They will be synced to your website automatically;
  • Keep track of your customers easily, whether they came to your website or were signed up in Subscribility;
  • Orders placed on your website will be sent to Subscribility automatically, and can be processed seamlessly.
I run a club, but not selling wines. Can I still use Subscribility?
While any organisation can use Subscribility, we are currently focused on wineries, microbreweries and other premium clubs (whiskey/sake/cigars/etc). Subscribility was designed for low volume / high value customers and transactions, with emphasis on clubs tracking and bulk shipping.
Where are your customers and offices located?
Currently the head office is in Sydney, Australia, with two new offices planned in Canada & USA. While the majority of our customers are located in Australia and California, we also have implementations in New Zealand, South Africa, Germany and other US states. We will happily develop what is needed for your winery to operate in your country.