Behind the scenes

A passionate team dedicated to make your life easier

Our Management

Seb Tremblay
Seb Tremblay

Eternally fascinated by the complex simplicity of wine making.

Benoit des Ligneris
Benoit des Ligneris

Won't rest until every wine drinker finds wine they love.

Atif Khan
Atif Khan

Giving his life to make sure every bottle finds suitable shipping labels.

The Advisory Board

What drives us

We believe that to make this work, it is imperative for the community of boutique winemakers to be behind our efforts. Same as each winery and brewery in our community, we strive to make the best quality product, share our passion and educate our members on great technologies.

Using Subscribility also means:

  • Tools for the education and sales of crafted beverages
  • Managed import & export licences interstate and internationally
  • A team listening to its community to guide our work forward

When working within a community of like-minded people, the wisdom of the crowd is considerably greater than any one person working alone.

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